Sunday, June 15, 2014

Crazy for Neon

 Summer fashion is always a time to push the limits and I always find myself paying close attention to the fashion magazines. However there are certain trends that even though they may make a "comeback" I ignore them because it will always be a summer staple to me. Between trends like: seersucker, plaid, white denim, gladiator sandals and of course NEON you will always see me rocking some of these trends even if it is in small doses. Many adults I know laugh at me wearing neon because it is a total throwback to the 80s but I love this trend no matter what. Neon colors can be worn in small doses like accessories or swimwear or even in beauty products like nails or lips. This can also make a great night look by making a statement by looking both stylish and sexy! An added bonus with neon is that it can make a pale girl like me with a moderate tan look very tan. Notice I posted this Old Navy dress again because I love it's versatility!

I love a great neon swimsuit or a top paired with white jeans. This is one trend I will be sporting all summer especially on my toes with these great new neon shades from OPI! Show off that summer glow with my picks below!

Crazy for neon

Old navy dress

Victoria s Secret bikini

Michael kors jewelry

Bracelet jewelry

Express drop earrings

OPI white nail polish
$56 -

Tory Burch Robinson Smart-Phone Wristlet Wallet, Neon Green

How will you be wearing neon this summer?


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fruity Favorites

Let me first start out this post by explaining that I am a huge fan of patterns! Don't get me wrong I love basic tees and jeans but over the years I love anything plaid, floral, houndstooth, Vera Bradley, nautical, you name it! I just think patterns amp up any outfit whether you are wearing jeans and a patterned top to the grocery store or pairing a pattern pant or skirt with basic top for work. Mixing it up with pattern and color makes you instantly look more pulled together!

To more accurately explain where my love of patterns came from. Even as a young girl I remember my mom dressing me in patterned shorts, overalls and dresses. When you're young being pattern crazy is adorable and it truly is funny how things come full circle as an adult! Seen here in my throwback picture I am about 5 wearing an early pattern: OshKosh strawberry print overalls! So needless to say I am glad fruit patterns are back! (Think I could rock this in a larger size now? ;)

My first love of this trend was the J. Crew factory Charley sweater in the tangerine print! Then Target had a "must have" pineapple button down blouse but I opted for the cardigan version to wear over dresses and such in the summer on a cool night.
I recently wore this over the Citron Old Navy eyelet dress for my brother's high school graduation and should have left the cardigan on because my shoulders got major sunburn! Ouch! (If you see any of these Old Navy dresses on sale at your store- get it ASAP because it is comfortable, flattering and can be dressed up or down!)

I paired it with a necklace from here but here is another option and Old Navy sandals (old).

The most recent pattern trend has me super excited because not only is it adorable but as a dietitian, I am able to express my love of fruit and fashion in one shot! Pineapple prints especially with other fruit prints as strong contenders such as lemons and oranges! Yellow and orange are always colors I wear in the summer and this is such a fun new print to create a conversation piece! (aka you will get adorable comments ladies!)

Would you wear this trend?

Fruity Favorites

Old Navy eyelet dress

J Crew orange sweater

Shirts top

Old Navy drawstring shorts

Kate Spade woven handbag

J Crew tech accessory

Stay healthy, Stay trendy!