About Me

Hello I'm Lauren!

I am a fun loving 20-something making my way through life in Pennsylvania. I am a dietitian who loves to shop and cook and loves a little bit of everything in life. You can find me spending time with family, friends or my boyfriend, watching reality television, painting my nails or soaking up the sun.

Lover of the little things in life: happy moments, pink, pearls, coffee, dogs, patterns!

I have wanted a creative outlet to express my love for both health and fashion as well as an opportunity to connect with lots of other women who share many of the same interests.

There will be a little bit of everything on this blog but most of all A Healthy Portion of Fashion.


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  1. Hey girl! I couldn't find an email address on here or on Instagram, but we're doing an Instagram loop giveaway and wanted to know if you would like to join? Shoot me an email at allthatglitters810 @ gmail.com if you would like to!