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If any dietitian or other health professional reads this they will understand how when people hear you are a dietitian, nurse, etc they always have questions! I had a professor in college who often said she never admitted she was a dietitian at hair salons etc for fear of all the questions she would get! HA! So I wanted to pass some quick tips on to my readers to simply instill in their everyday lives and the basic principles I have followed which have kept me healthy over the years. I will definitely be posting lots more updates in the future on nutrition tips, exercise, recipes and trendy foods.

What nutrition information would you like to see?

Here are some of my basic healthy eating tips:

  • Fruits and vegetables! I cannot stress the importance of these enough. Between fiber, vitamins and minerals and not to mention low in calories, you should strive for about 5 servings each day. A good rule of thumb at all meals is to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables.
  • Water- Did you know that our bodies are about 70% water? Many times we mistake hunger for thirst so make sure you drink about 8 glasses each day, or about 4 "Deer Park" style water bottles if you need better visualization.
  • On that note- do not drink your calories! This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Drinks like soda, iced tea, Starbucks and many fast food style smoothies are loaded with calories and sugar. Most are like drinking a slice of chocolate cake! If drinks like soda or Frappucinos are a regular beverage for you, reduce to 1-2 times per week and you may not only notice a difference with how you feel, but your weight will decrease as well.
  • Limit eating outside of the home. We all live busy lives and this does not leave room for cooking at home every night. However, if you do you will be able to control what is in your food. Food from restaurants automatically contain more calories than if you were to make a similar dish at home. Here are some tips when eating out:
    • Ask for salad dressings and various sauces on the side; you probably will not all of it anyhow!
    • Get a salad before a main course to fill up on vegetables and avoid overeating.
    • Cocktails count too! As I mentioned above about sugary beverages, alcohol and mixed drinks are loaded with excess calories. The recommendation is 1 alcoholic beverage for women each day and 2 for men. Not to mention a few too many drinks leads to more high calorie drinks as well as over-eating.
  • ALWAYS eat breakfast. Your metabolism needs to be kickstarted in the morning so it can burn more later on. Even if it is just a piece of fruit or a granola bar, you will not be starving later and therefore can avoid overeating. 
  • Make half your grains whole each day. If you are scared of whole wheat bread or grains like quinoa, barley or buckwheat, you can still incorporate other breads and rices you may enjoy, but still give these grains a try. Wheat bread and grains are higher in fiber and vitamins and minerals.
Surround yourself with positive people. Health is important but talk to yourself in a positive manner and just know that as much as we all love fashion, remember that models are unlike us and are also photoshopped!

Eat well and live beautifully. xoxo 

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