Frugal Fashion

I have a lot of clothes and enjoy wearing a little bit of lots of styles but I refuse to ever pay full price for anything and try to only have some expensive pieces and here are some of my tips:

  • Try not to ever limit yourself to any one store. I'm sure when we were teenagers we became stuck on certain brands but as we grow up we see there is more than just the status of what your shirt logo says.  All stores offer a wide mix of styles so I never buy more than 3 pieces of a time which allows me to spread out my money and see what other stores have to offer.  I shop at stores such as J. Crew Factory, Old Navy, Express, Kohl's and Target.  These stores offer a variety of prices and styles and mixing and matching is what fashion is all about!
  • Coupons, Coupons, Coupons! Try not to ever shop empty handed without a coupon! Between emails, mail coupons and newspaper ads there are is always something you should use.  Store apps have been great for me lately such as the Target or Target Cartwheel app as well as Kohl's. Another helpful tip is to show your student or teacher ID. I found this out at J. Crew factory years ago and was thrilled!
  • Patience is a virtue. Yes shopping can be a big risk and waiting for a sale when your size and color may not be available in a few weeks but listen closely ladies... YOU CAN WAIT FOR A SALE! Life will go on without those leopard loafers or sequin tank.  Some of my best deals have come from waiting for sales or coupons and getting a good deal has made me love that item even more in my wardrobe knowing that I saved money on it! And a good rule to stick to is if a pair of shoes or a sweater is not there when you come back, you were not meant to have it!
  • Along the lines of patience: If you are not sure about how an item looks, just wait. Go home, think about it, check the website or Pinterest for outfit ideas or bring a friend, your mother, sister, boyfriend or husband back with you to try it on again.  Fit and versatility are key when making any purchase and chances are someone else in your life can help you decipher all of your mental questions.
  • Opt for trendy pieces at discount retailers. Mint jeans from a department store that are $100 might not be the best idea. But mint jeans for $20 at Target as you pick up some groceries? Throw them bad boys into your cart! The cost per wear for trendy pieces decreases significantly.
  • Try and think of at least 3 other items you can wear an item with in your wardrobe. Do you have an awesome necklace to jazz up that sweater? Can you layer that blouse with lots of cardigans? Do you wear red a lot for the holidays? 
    • Try and make even items that may seem frivolous important staples in your wardrobe before purchasing it. You need to see yourself wearing something often to make any purchase worthwhile.
  • Most of all have fun shopping! Try not to spend a lot of money in one trip because you may regret some of your purchases. As you transition from season to season low and slow is the way to go to get the best bang for your buck.
  • The dietitian in me has to say this: Do not criticize or compare your body. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Not all trends are perfect for anyone. 

Fashion should be fun! Happy saving and shopping!

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