Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Steal vs Splurge

Left is J. Crew factory version and right is the Our World Boutique version

I have always loved J. Crew factory and it definitely seems to be my store of choice lately! I have mentioned I like a mix of price points in my wardrobe and as much as I love their style, I just cannot spend a lot on more trendy pieces like certain accessories. However, there are tons of trendy jewelry stores and websites that offer fun statement necklaces, bling-bling earrings and bracelets that can be layered up that we can afford and do not feel guilty about if we do not get a certain number of wears out of them to make the piece feel like a good fashion investment.

The J.Crew factory version this season is available in several colors after the red beaded rose was such a huge hit with J. Crew retail last year. Check out the yellow, coral and white factory versions here. Promotional pricing may vary from time to time.

A few months ago I discovered Our World Boutique for their on trend pieces with great quality, great service and not to mention great prices that you can pick up some statement pieces in multiple colors ;) So during one of my J. Crew factory trips and drooling over the jewels I found a yellow beaded rose necklace that would be a nice sunny addition to my spring and summer wardrobe. However, the ticketed price was $69.50 (sales fluctuate 30-50% off from week to week) I was determined to find a similar necklace at a more budget friendly price! I was thrilled when Our World Boutique restocked these in 3 flower, 5 flower and 7 flower versions in a wide variety of colors! But wait for the price! Wait for it... wait for it... Only $7.99-$12.99! My yellow version is available in the 7 flower version. Like I said get yourself a bouquet of colors to brighten up your wardrobe at that price!! Wowza! Check them out here.

I cannot wait to wear the yellow beaded rose necklace with lots of color combos and a variety of clothing with both button downs for work or even sundresses on the weekend!

Happy Spring!

*Note this necklace was courtesy of Our World Boutique to showcase the item for styling options as well as a review.*


  1. I love finding alternatives to trends! Why pay full price if there are other options? Such a cute find!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

    1. Thanks girl! Thanks for reading! I was pretty excited to find this myself!

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