Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day and Date Night Outfits

If anyone has tips for finding time to blog I would love some inspiration! Many times when I find a task daunting I simply avoid it and my attempt at creating a cute and creative blog is a work in progress! Well I wanted to do my first official outfit idea post and wanted to use Valentine's Day as inspiration! I have learned to LOVE love day! However, with it being in February, the snow and cold can take the fun out of getting dressed up. (one of my favorite things!) This winter has been one for the books and has certainly tested my fashion skills and put a damper on wearing cute shoes! So here are my ideas that were for my own Valentine's Day looks and general ideas for cold weather date nights for all you northern ladies! I made sure to incorporate red and pink! I will let you know what I ultimately went with!

This outfit offers lots of layers with a touch of bling! A warm skirt, tights and boots are an easy way to get dressed up but stay warm!

Skirt, Sweater and Vest and Polka Dot tights: J. Crew Factory (sold out)
Necklace: Very Jane Similar Purple Peridot

            Boots: Target (old)

Watch: Michael Kors
Love and Crystal Wrap: Alex & Ani

Next I have a very comfortable look that can easily transition from a casual bite to eat to being comfortable at the movies or even look cute for a movie night at home! I love these Kohl's Elle brand jeggings! They are a true jegging with a lot of stretch and not super tight. Confession I actually own 2 pairs!

Thermal: Old Navy
Sweatshirt:Victoria's Secret Pink Similar
Jeans: Kohl's (last season)
Shoes: Minnetonka via DSW

Lastly is what I actually decided to wear: I am a sucker for red and also I love dressing in the holiday spirit. (I will probably be one of those moms that dresses in holiday attire always! haha) The red jeans are casual but different and are the perfect canvas for accessories. My shirt also had a little added spice with a lace back panel which is not shown and was also a Christmas gift from my guy last year!

 Jeans: Old Navy Similar
Shirt: American Eagle (last season)
Necklace: BrinaBox

I must say my typical date night outfits are more on the casual than fancy side. What are some of your favorite date night looks?


  1. Very cute outfits. I do the same - if I can't do something PERFECT I avoid it. Maybe you could try and schedule time to blog in each day? I'm learning slowly too. I'm new to blogging!

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