Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bath and Body Works Insider

Hello All!

Today I have some fun product reviews to share with a new sample program called "Bath and Body Works Insider" #BBWinsider. I applied through Facebook and was approved based on some basic demographic information. Each "campaign" becomes live throughFacebook at a set time and there are limited sign ups to receive these samples. These 2 are the only ones I have received so far but there have been a few others. 
First off let me start of by saying these little goodies have shown up after the longest work days and were like little "spa days!" I have always shopped at Bath and Body Works since I was a pre-teen buying roll on glitter. They are very inventive and creative with new products and I rarely try a scent that does not appeal to me. 
 The first package was Oahu "Coconut Sunset." I love switching to coconut scents for summer and this will be a treat for my everyday use. It is sweet with a hint of floral and coconut. Definitely not the classic "suntan lotion" style coconut but more of a high end perfume like scent. Layering scents is key to getting it to last and I can't wait to smell this every morning in the showe and then layer with lotion and body spray. The sleek new packaging of the fine fragrance mist is a great addition too. There are 2 other varieties available too: Maui and  Hawaii. 

The next series was the preview of different blends of French lavender. This 3 wick candle is a beautiful, earthy classic lavender. I have been burning it in my room after a long day. Lavender is one of my new favorite scents and I am excited to see the other twists on this spring classic. Did I mention this came with a Parisian inspired post card? Oh la-la! A girl can dream about a romantic trip to Paris but for now these scents will have to do!

Included with the candle was a French lavender and honey body lotion. This was  a great scent for a body product because this more floral and sweet scent is better in this form than in home fragrance. I also like lavender with vanilla for body products like the "Sleep" lotion from the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line.  There have also been some previews of lavender with apricot from this collection as well. 

I can't wait for the rest of this program and the sneak peeks of new products!

What looks like a good one to you?

*Note: I received these products for free from Bath and Body Works. I was not compensated for this review nor was a review required. 


  1. what a cool program
    i bet the french vanilla smelled devine

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